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Top 3 tips to ensure your roof is safe for a storm

Here at C&C Roofers Liverpool, we know all to well that a devastating storm is probably one of the most harrowing experiences any home owner can go through.

The thought of one of mother nature reigning down on your neighborhood to cause havoc, only puts dread and fear in the mind’s of all.

But how exactly do you ensure your roof, property and loved ones are prepared for the heavy rains and high speed winds?

Well we have composed a small list of basic tips any home owner can use for when preparing for an imminent storm.

1.Prepare the Roof

Before any storm is coming to your town, take the time to go out and survey your roof and your surrounding property.

The last thing you want is roof tiles to fly off and destroy any valuable garden furniture of vehicles.

Loose tiles can also result in serious injury to passers by if the storm dislodges the tiles.

If you do spot any loose tiles, contact a roofer immediately to make repairs before the storm.

2. Check the gutters!

It is extremely important you check your gutters for any clogs or loose bolts – this is vital as with any large storm comes rain!

If your gutters are blocked and cause the gutters to over flood, this can dislodge the gutters from the building and cause damage to your roof.

The last thing you want during a storm is the house falling down!

3. Check inside the attic

If your roof does become exposed during the bad weather, the content inside your attic will be vulnerable to the harsh environment outside.

Be sure to remove any valuable and personal items from the attic and to remove any dangerous objects which could cause damage if flung across the street at 80mph!

Even the most innate objects can become hazardous weapons during a storm.